Just to pass the time...

Started this as when I used to get back from work, I was usually so hyped I couldn't sleep for a couple of hours. Now just sort of carried it on for the fun, I try to make it funny, if it isn't please don't hurt me... Anyway, try to enjoy :)

Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Phone network

It came to my attention yesterday that people actually read this haha what why would you do that? It's just my weird thought processes written down.

....shout out to my boss xD

I figured that today was pretty interesting, so I'd better put it on here.

Bank holiday Monday. Working at the cafe. Where to begin?

It started off pretty nice, people coming in, ordering, us making their order, taking it to them, and then someone else would come in and we could fix them up too. Nice, relaxed, but still keeping us busy.

Then more and more people started arriving and just didn't stop. So I'd be trying to take an order, and then make it, but I'd finish taking an order and then someone else would want to order and so on and so forth until I had 6 or 7 orders to do all at once and was getting pretty flustered.

Meanwhile, the other waitress was trying to clear tables to accommodate everyone and load the dishwasher that so I had the crockery to use. Which still didn't happen, we ended up running out of most things and having to wash it up as we went. Which added to the fun.

Don't get me wrong, I love my job. Just stress erghhhh I can't even.

The highlight of my shift was definitely this family who came in and ordered lunch. "Ooh, one more thing," the man said to me "Could we get the omelette without any dairy? My daughter's a vegan."

What. The. Heck.

Either they were having me on, or this person is a very bad vegan. I mean, I was just like "uhh, absolutely not a problem" smiling sweetly like butter wouldn't melt the entire time while my head was reeling with "what the heckkkkkkk???"

If you don't understand my issue with the whole "I'm going to order a vegan omelette" thing, please google what a vegan is.

I didn't have time to think about that for long. Queues of people. Hoards of people. Continuous. Coffee and icing everywhere. Clean crockery nowhere. The worst was teaspoons. We always seem to run out of fricking teaspoons.

But hey, it's all okay. It's all preparation for the summer season!

I was meant to be on a day out today! But then karma intervened (it's always karma because I always probably did something wrong) and it got cancelled.

So an opportunity arose for me to get out the house and quit moping and I, like the spontaneous little chicken that I am, seized it with both hands!

At least I get payed for working. I don't get payed for introducing my friend to my family. (Hey Danny!) Though I think I should, really. It's gonna be tough.....

I also don't get paid for dressing him up in flower headbands in Claire's. Though I think I deserve some sort of award for befriending  the only guy in Britain who would allow her to do it and probably flaunt it, agreeing on how fabulous he is. (Admit it though, you would)

I basically got through the day by muttering "I'm going to KILL him!" in a variety of different languages under my breath. I mean I'm not actually angry at him, I never was, it just helped somehow....I don't quite know how it works but hey-ho!

So after that was all under wraps, I had to get ready for my next job, and my shift at the restaurant was meant to start 20 minutes after my shift at the cafe ended.

So for a bit of sanity I tried to call someone. But my phone was having none of it. No service anywhere. So I walk around town like "ALL I WANT IS TO MAKE A GODDAMN PHONE CALL!" and then I bump into one of my colleagues from the cafe who works in the kitchen.

She was having the same problem.

And then she asks me a question which made me question my intelligence so much.

"So what time to the buses run on Sunday to Canterbury, as it's bank holiday?"

Biggest. Face palm. Ever.

How am I mean to work until after half nine if the last bus home is at 7pm?

I could ask my parents for a lift? I could phone for a taxi?

Oh wait. Phone network's down. Fuck.

So I walk to the restaurant having a mini-breakdown and tell them what's happened. They're there like "So, you got the Sunday service bus over here and didn't realise that it was Sunday service?"

I did wonder why it was late...

My boss says that it's okay, that they can cover it without me as it's not so busy and to just get the next bus home. So I grovel some more, say thank you, and go and wait for the bus.

Waiting for a long time, I was.

Yeah, Yoda I now am. With it you must deal.

I tried to contact Danny so I wasn't lonely (hey again!) and Facebook called him like 12 times or something because I'm annoying. Then it gets to the point where I've been waiting an hour and so I Facebook call my bestie who lives just down the road from the bus stop and she came to keep me company.

So we snapchatted a bunch of random things, and prank called Danny to inform him of a tragic accident where I'd been hit by a bus and there was ketchup everywhere that Trish didn't want with her chips, while I screamed "Brains! Brains on the pavement!" and groaning in the background. Mature.

He said it was basically only screaming and the only word he could make out was "bus". Shame.

So after like half an hour of top-notch banter, I tried to phone my parents on Trisha's phone. It came up with a recorded message "Please hold while we try to connect you".

"Trish," I said, "Your phone isn't working either!"

Took us several minutes to realise we'd already phoned Danny on it so it must be okay. So I tried my dad's mobile number and he picked up and said he'd meet me at my nan's.

Later my mum asked why I didn't just use the phone box. Well, last time I used it, it robbed me of my 60p and didn't let me call anyone anyway. Not having that.

Also, I knew that the second I left that bus stop, the bus would show up. I mean, it's inevitable. Which is why I waited so long.

Got home around 7:30pm. Started out at that bus stop at like 17:15. G'job.

Turns out my mum accidentally unplugged the whole home phones system in a bid to fix the card machine.

It runs in families....

Glad I got to spend some time with Trish though. I needed all that laughter and giggling what with exams and everything!

Aaaand now I can chill until tomorrow where we have to clear the house from top to bottom....

Peace out