Just to pass the time...

Started this as when I used to get back from work, I was usually so hyped I couldn't sleep for a couple of hours. Now just sort of carried it on for the fun, I try to make it funny, if it isn't please don't hurt me... Anyway, try to enjoy :)

Friday, 3 July 2015

Random events...

So my life is built up of a bunch of random mood swings and random events and basically...

...random everything.

So after spending a pessimistic day doing the ironing, reading John Green books and feeling pretty goddamn down about life, I go to the shop for my mum.

Stuff's so stressful at the moment. Exams going on, drama with friends, drama with family, everyone's busy and I guess I sorta stupidly feel neglected and assume people are dying.

I love being outdoors in the sun. I have no idea why I didn't just go sit in the garden to cheer myself up.

So I step out of my back door, and walk to the farm track which runs along the side of my house, and nearly get ploughed down by a Jeep doing at least 40mph down a dirt track. He smiled at me as he drove past, that much I did catch. He knows my parents evidently.

Manic, huh? I leave the house and within 10 seconds I nearly die.

Well I'm exaggerating a bit. I did hear it coming so that's how I managed to save myself.

Craziest part was 10 metres up the farm track, what should I find other than a £5 note.


I joked it's a form of prostitution. I nearly die, I get payed for it. Snazzy stuff.

I found a 5p on the way back as well. It just gets better and better, doesn't it?

Also pretty random, yesterday I just started sneezing and just didn't stop...

It was awful, my eyes were all teary, my nose was running, I looked like a troll and constantly felt like I was about to sneeze. Like stuck on the "ah" in "ahtishoo". Allergy tablets did nothing. It kept up all day and I felt so rotten I had to phone in sick for that evening at the restaurant.

I felt terrible, but I couldn't go in and just sneeze on everyone. That would be extremely unprofessional and I'm sure would have been worse than phoning in.

I ended up falling asleep at 8pm and waking up again at 11:30pm wondering who what why where when how?

I had a bit of a headache today but other than a sneezing fit at the co-op I've been clear.

Aaaaand now I've managed to become extremely happy, find a song about being crazy and mental relationships, and am the opposite of tired.

I mean, I got to the part of Looking For Alaska where she's driven off drunk after she remembered what day it is.

Continuing that would be a total mood killer.

As for the crazy song, you might wanna check it out, it's by someone called "Hunter Hayes" and it's called "I Want Crazy". Downright story of my life, I have to say.

Now to find someone to annoy until I fall asleep }:)

I have English Lit tomorrow, which will be fun as I love being creative, unique, or "quirky" as my German teacher called me. Still not sure how I was meant to take that....

What I don't like is "reading between the lines". I just don't understand. You're an author, say what you mean, don't imply stuff that people can argue the meaning over, what is the point??

What the author meant is what the author says. Ditto the poet. I write stories and poems and I have never written between the lines. I say the curtains are blue?

The curtains are fucking blue!

Blue's my favourite colour, that's probably why. It's all a bit pointless to me. Novels, plays and poems are written for enjoyment of others.

Not so you can sit down a group of kids in a classroom and make them come up for reasons as to why the curtains could possibly have been written in as being blue, as opposed to being, say, red.

Maybe the author looked out the window and thought, hmmm, the sky looks blue today. Blue. The curtains are blue.

Man, this is going to be exciting. But to be honest, for someone who doesn't understand the point, I tend to get good grades.

So naturally I'm taking it next year for A-level.

Still super pissed off that I couldn't do language for A-level. Apparently it's not challenging enough or something, as my deputy head told me.

Oh cheers. Thanks so much. My special "talent" or "flair" isn't even difficult. That makes me feel reaaaaal special.

Well fine. I'll go and be special in my own way somewhere else.