Just to pass the time...

Started this as when I used to get back from work, I was usually so hyped I couldn't sleep for a couple of hours. Now just sort of carried it on for the fun, I try to make it funny, if it isn't please don't hurt me... Anyway, try to enjoy :)

Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Bus wankers!

Today has honestly been brilliant.

On the way to school, I was walking down the farm track that runs along the side of my house and I spotted something on the ground.

"No way..." I said

"No fucking way! How is that fair!" My 14 year old brother exclaimed.

I picked up a second £5 note from the ground. As Danny says, I'll be Mrs Monopoly at this rate. Though I'm not sure who I'm married to. All I need is a top hat and a monocle!

So then I got the bus with one of my close friends and we had a laugh, so that's always a great way to start the day. I also got a text which made me smile so that always makes my day that bit better. Because I'm a cheesy little potato.

I got to see my best friend James for the first time in nearly a week, so that was a happy reunion and I was pleased to see him. We insult each other non-stop. A typical conversation goes:

James: I thought of a song that reminds me of you the other day, you know.
Me: *expecting something nice*
Awwwwhh really, what song?
James: 'I'm A Mess' by Ed Sheeran
Me: Oh right, well I got one for you, too!
James: Quoi?
Me: 'Mean' by Taylor Swift!

Me: *just about to leave my group of friends sat by the river to go off with Danny*
James: You going?
James: Okay, see you next Tuesday

So yeah, we're mean to each other non-stop. But I love that. S'like having a brother I actually enjoy hanging out with and who actually helps me study rather than sabotaging my books and tapping on the wall to piss me off.

So yeah, seeing Mesh made me happy.

I call him Mesh based on a stupid typo. My friend accidentally forgot to put a space between "James" and "he" so it came out as "Jameshe". So naturally, me being me, I started calling him "Jameshe" as a joke. Then it was just " Meshy" and then because I am one lazy son of a gun, it was just Mesh.

Aaaaaand it stuck.

I'm the bestest friend in the whole wide world.


So, on that note, after my exam which went surprisingly well (touch wood), I went to get the bus home with Conor. This was at like 11am so it was pretty deserted. I decided to run and get a drink from the shop quickly. When I came back, Conor looked at me sheepishly and said:

"I just got bus wankered".

This honestly MADE MY DAY! A yellow car had come speeding past the bus stop (YES! Yellow!) and it was only a small car, so it had only had front windows. Whoever was sat in the back had leaned forward and yelled "Bus wanker!" out of the front window. Conor said because of this, it wasn't exactly well executed, but I still found it pretty entertaining anyhow.

It always seems to happen to Conor. He got peanutted by a Year 7 kid that is seriously annoying (ref. "At least all the windows are open" bus accident child) for the raw price of 15p.

Worth it.

So I get home and do a bit of revision. Aka, my revision guide was open on the floor nearby while I played guitar. I've got this revision lark down to a "T" now. So good at it.

My mum then comes home and asks if I want to go to Tesco's with her. As a procrastinating GCSE student, it didn't take much persuasion for me to agree to go.

As I live in a B&B, my mum loves putting little extras in the rooms like little bottles of brandy, fruit bowls and a specialty of hers is little boxes of chocolates, just so we can strive to be the best!

So I notice a "Reduced to Clear" sale on Thornton's boxes, and at £1 each, mum and I think "shucks, this is great!" and throw the lot in our trolley. Literally sweeping them off the shelf and into our trolley. The looks we got, if you can imagine....

Mum was there looking embarrassed and repeatedly saying "They're for the guest rooms, they're complimentary, I have a B&B!"

We were getting looks like we were mad people. I mean, the women looked understanding. The men looked horrified.

And my dad walked away and pretended to have nothing to do with us. Like a true gentleman.

So by the end of that shopping trip, we had 22 boxes of Thornton's and 13 boxes of Pergale's. Not to mention all the yoghurt I bought because other than toast it is pretty much the only thing I can deal with eating when I'm stressed.

We bought Skyr. It's Icelandic yoghurt which is really thick. I went to Iceland a couple of years back on a school trip and they sell the stuff out of vending machines over there. In leisure centres. It's brilliant.

So naturally I saw it and was like "MUM MUM MUM MUM MUM MUM" and started hyperventilating.

I explained to her what it was and then she was like "OOOOOHH I saw an advert for this, brilliant!" and chucks four pots of the stuff in the trolley. I then found the second-best vanilla yoghurt there (they didn't have my Rachel's!!!!) and grabbed two pots.

Then there was a fair amount of ginger ale in the trolley. Yeah. We're a normal family.

And of course the entire time I was being a midget with a back injury attempting to push a fully-loaded trolley with literally no handling, wearing really slippy shoes, with a three-year old sat in the trolley going "SING PEPPA PIG ROWYN! SING PEPPA PIG!"

101 reasons why I shouldn't leave the house.

To be honest it's been a brilliant day and I don't think I've really stopped smiling. There are just some days where I can't stop being Sunshine Girl.