Just to pass the time...

Started this as when I used to get back from work, I was usually so hyped I couldn't sleep for a couple of hours. Now just sort of carried it on for the fun, I try to make it funny, if it isn't please don't hurt me... Anyway, try to enjoy :)

Sunday, 6 September 2015

A New Start

So for someone who finds change an incredibly large feat, this past couple of weeks have been rather interesting for me.

First off are the sheer amount of people that have, over the summer, appeared to have decided to no longer be friends with specific people.

Namely me.

Screw them and their negativity. I'm funny sometimes.

However, the biggest change of all is the start of 6th form.

So thankfully I passed all my GCSEs at a B grade or above, which is pretty sweet. It meant I could take any subject that really took my fancy.

Sometimes it amazes me that I did that well. For example, I peered into a dark classroom only the other day and saw the interactive whiteboard moving. Shocked, I jumped on my three friends like "OH MY GOSH GUYS THERE'S A GHOST USING THE COMPUTER!". They all laughed, patted me on the head in the most condescending way possible, and pointed out that the teacher was sat at the computer.

Just something else I'll never live down then....

Over the summer, I spent a lot of time and money buying clothes for the next two years. At my school, we have a kind of uniform thing, and have to dress all business-like.

I took this super seriously, however having now started 6th Form, it would appear that I was in fact one of the only ones who did.... Most people come in wearing skinny jeans.

Whoops... Now I look completely out of place in my pencil skirts and swaggy blazer.

So now every day I have to choose in advance what I'm going to wear because I simply have to be organised. I sit on the floor cross legged for 15 minutes, just thinking about what might make a reasonably attractive outfit, and not make me look like some sort of small child dressing up in mummy's office clothes.

This is a concern I actually have.

And four days in, alas! I'm already becoming stumped for ideas! This really isn't good... I have another year and 8 months of this yet...

For some reason I'm really conscious of wearing the same thing twice. It's a little bit of a stupid worry, but people can be so weird about it! Like, "ew, didn't you wear that dress last week?"

Uhhh, yeah, I did. I mean I washed it and everything though...

For some reason it still bothers me quite a bit. I guess I just don't like those sort of snobby confrontations. It would be a tad awkward and embarrassing.

Another massive change is the fact I only take four subjects now, and I have free periods. It's only the start of it all, so I know it's going to get ridiculously hectic and I won't be saying this, but it's quite chilled out. I'm relaxed. It just seems that most people really aren't.

I'm meeting new people and making new friends too, which is awesome, because I definitely needed to. I did have a bit of a habit of keeping people close who I'm not entirely sure actually gave a toss about me...

Luckily, that's over. I'm stupidly naive but I'm starting to grow up a lot I think. So in the last 6 months, I've changed my name, cut my hair, got a fringe, made my hair go brown, got some totally hipster glasses and developed my own sense of style.

So now I don't dress like a man!

I've loved reinventing myself and changing, but now I'm running out of things to change. I mean, there's foot size reduction surgery... Is that a thing? It should be a thing. If it's not a thing, it seriously ought to be.

So I'm trying more to be pretty, be nice and polite, be funny and laid back. I think I'm doing a pretty good job :)

So all this change at once is sort of inspiring me to reach my full potential as a person I guess. Purge the horrible people from my life, work more on my failing physical health, and get as close to perfect as I'll ever be.

So as I said before, 6th Form is a lot more change than I anticipated. But I think I'm making it a tad harder for myself trying to improve my long run.

Good on me