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Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Teen Stereotypes

So to be honest I think social media is awesome.

I know a lot of people don't share this view, and I really feel strongly about this issue.

Because I know about all the people out there who say that this generation is over-using social media and becoming addicted.

Well excuse me? What? I don't quite understand.

Those who were teenagers in the 60s and 70s... How was the marijuana and LSD, huh? Getting high all the time, listening to John Lennon and driving around from place to place in little VW camper vans, and telling everyone to make love not war. Those glasses and head bands were pretty cool, huh? Bet you loved all that tie-dye malarkey.

Stop fricking criticizing our generation.

Since when did social media ever hurt anyone? It could be worse. We're teenagers. We could be out there spray painting dustbins and setting fire to your cat. Technically, you're all safer with teenagers being sat at home on their phones.

Ditch the stereotypes, please.

So chavs. Yes, they exist. They have lazy accents, have a peculiar fashion taste and the girls tend to wear quite a lot of make up, as well as not nearly enough clothing. Yeah, so I sound stereotypical. I'm listing the stereotypical chav here. The girls post loads of pouty selfies, the boys are loud and arrogant, they all swear a lot and have no consideration for other people around them.

It's not all true. Yes, you get some people like that. You also get some people who tick half the boxes, yet are some of the nicest, politest people you will ever meet.

Then there are the teens like me. The one's that love to read. The ones that prefer to do their homework sat out in the garden even though they know it'll only aggravate their eczema, rather than being stuck inside. The ones that smile at everyone as they walk past, stop to ask if elderly people need a hand getting on or off the bus, strike up conversation with the checkout girl at Primark who looks a bit bored. We can chat to strangers, be polite, and try to make people's days a little bit better.

Yeah. Not all of us are going to steal your handbag and throw your dog on the train tracks.

There are some teenage girls who don't need a paint scraper to take their make-up off in the evenings.

There are some teenage boys who aren't going to swear at you and insult your haircut.

In fact, there are quite a lot. MOST OF THEM, even.

So can we ditch the stereotypes, please? I mean, from what I've heard, 60s and 70s were a bunch of stoners, 80s were all about neon, shoulder pads and leg warmers.

In fact, here, look at this picture I just found (link for full size image):

Does that really not speak for itself? More teens in the 80s smoked. More took drugs. More practiced unprotected sex!

Leave us the fuck alone!

I'm 16. I've never smoked. I've not had sex nor am I interested in it. The only drugs I take are painkillers when I'm not feeling too great. Heck, the only thing not so great we've fallen down on is phones. Yeah we have phones, so what? My mum won't let me out without mine, it's such a dangerous world now. Who's to blame? How about all the rapists out there. The average rapist is 33 years old. I just googled it. Born in the 1980s. What a surprise.

Also, we fall down on the fact that we see a lot of violent movies. Who makes these movies? Adults. Who let us watch these movies? Adults. Ditto video games. So stop blaming us.

Also, in regards to make-up, maybe if you adults making all those adverts and TV shows and magazines would stop airbrushing people to perfection, teens wouldn't feel the need to try to look perfect and end up looking like a deformed orange.

Yeah, so you lot all stereotype teenagers. Look at yourselves please. You all know who you are. Stop judging so many on the actions of so few.

Yes, that's right. You. Dragging your child to the other side of the pavement because I smiled at you. Kicking me out of the shop while I was waiting for the post office to open because I was "loitering". Glaring at me when I have earphones in.

I'm not bitter at all.